Terms and Conditions

Return and Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with work(s) you purchased and received then the said work(s) can be returned. A refund can be made. 

The process: 

  1. Send a message using the contact form saying you would like a refund and would like to return your purchased work(s). Please state your reason for return and include the identification code that was given with the sold work(s). (The identification code will be the email sent to you when you made your purchase and will start with a # symbol.) 

  2. You will receive an email from John Bracey Fine Art acknowledging your request. 

  3. Post the work(s) to: 

    John Bracey Fine Art,
    Store First,
    Unit B,
    Brindley Close,
    Rushden Business Park,
    NN10 6EN

  4. When the work(s) are received by John Bracey Fine Art you will receive a second email with acknowledgement. 



Conditions for a refund:


  1. Notification of a return must be received by John Bracey Fine Art within 7 days of the receipt of the work(s). Please use the contact form. A notification for a return cannot be made by phone. 

  2. A refund will not be given if the initial notification is not received (step 1 of the above process) and the work(s) being returned have been received by John Bracey Fine Art.

  3. Work(s) must be packaged accordingly so they are returned in the best possible state. John Bracey Fine Art reserves the right to reject a refund request if the returned work(s) are not returned in a reasonable state or are not returned at all. (Recorded delivery is advised.)  

  4. The shipping cost of returned work(s) is not refundable. 

  5. Exchanges are not possible. 

Delivery Policy

  1. The delivery of your purchased work(s) is FREE – any in the UK mainland. 

  2. The delivery will be normally within 10 working days from your purchase. If there are any changes to this time or John Bracey Fine Art has any queries then you shall be notified by either email or phone. 

  3. The delivery will be made to the address you gave when you made the purchase.

  4. If a delivery is required outside the UK mainland: 

    Potentially this can be arranged - John Bracey Fine Art reserves the right to deliver outside of the UK.

    There will then be a cost to the delivery. The delivery may not be within 10 working days.

  5. Potentially work(s) can be collected. This is only available by up front arrangement only. Please send an enquiry using the contact form. 

Photography of work

The images of the work(s) on this site are the best representation and likeness of the original source. They come from using the best available photography and lighting conditions.

All images on this site are property of John Bracey Fine Art. Explicit written permission is needed to use them. If you wish to use an image(s) then please send an enquiry using the contact form.

Personal data

When submitting personal data via the johnbracey.gallery website, you the 'submitter' are agreeing that this personal will be recorded. This data can be requested to be removed from the johnbracey.gallery site administration systems at any time.

Full details on the use and recording of personal data are in the privacy policy.

Definition of specific terms


'John Bracey Fine Art' is the company name from whom work(s) are purchased. 

'Work(s)' is defined as any product of John Bracey Fine Art that is sold to you via this website only.

'Shipping cost' is defined as post and packaging costs. 


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