Cup of Tea Painting...

November 3, 2018

No not painting a picture of a cup of tea, just 'cup of tea painting'. Wonder what I mean?


I came up with the phrase simply to describe something I caught myself doing a little while back. Whilst becoming very stuck on a particular painting I decided to bring said painting out of the studio and into the lounge. The painting was placed on the fireplace in front of the sofa. (Not to burn!) There I sat and looked at it. For me this move was genius. Why had I not thought of this before? Now in a different environment, different light and viewed from different angles I could see what I needed to next. The painting stayed there for some days.


Over the next few days I occasionally found myself sat in front of painting enjoying a cup of tea. As I did this I also found myself virtually painting. Working out what was wrong, what I needed to do and where to go next. This little exercise turned out to be a bit of success. I liked the end result of the painting.


Now days this happens all the time with all the painting work I do. Not all paintings necessarily make their way into the lounge. What does happen though is I take time and make a conscience effort to spend quality time looking at paintings in progress. Not always but often whilst having a cup of tea. The important thing for me is not to beat myself up about it. It's easy to self criticise and say "you're not actually doing, you're just thinking, dreaming, being lazy". Well no, what I've learnt is that the final outcome of the painting is often a lot better when these 'lazy breaks' are included. It seems the paintings need this 'dreamspace' for them to grow and develop as intended.


So you there you go. That's Cup of Tea Painting. Take time out from the painting, live with it for a while and just look at it. 





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