Creation V - second half

April 3, 2018


I'm well on my way to finishing the second batch of paintings for the Creation V series. Hopefully there should be an additional four more bumping the series total up to eight. This should be 'soon'.


I'm always cautious on setting timelines and committing too much to a series of work. It's dangerous!! To be clear the 'series' is something that's in my head - no one else's. So it is my choice. However, that commitment can be very mentally challenging when you're being creative. Being creative often involves change and things evolving and developing.


Lots of things can happen. Like wanting to change the application of paint, the palette, adding other medias, size, scale, compositions etc, etc. You want to move on. We're always developing ourselves as well. When you paint the action often naturally gives this - the wish to change. Changing things greatly would put a series of work at risk. You would get an oddity. For me the definition of a series is a body of work (two or more paintings) that when put together they look like they're part of the same batch. This is MY definition. I don't define anyone else's series of work in the same way. That's up to them to define. I like a series of paintings I do to look like they're of the same birth.


So there can be this the problem. It's sometimes difficult to commit to mass work because of the want and sometimes need to change. Maybe it's just impatience! Hopefully the second half of the Creation V series won't suffer this!



Ghost Pony










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