March 26, 2018


The colour yellow. A beautiful colour - one of the primaries. I wanted to write something about it. 


To paint with I find it a bit odd to work with, even awkward. I do love it - I love all colours. Yellow though amongst them all is the hardest to work with.


Maybe it's just yellow with oil paint - predominantly what I use. I can't say I've worked enough with other mediums to comment on them but I certainly have with oil. 


The problem I find is it goes on and on and on for miles. Miles across the canvas. A little bit goes a long long way and it seems to infect everything. It doesn't matter what yellow - Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Orche or any other. It's the same I need hardly any. 


It's not the best colour to blend with either. Obviously it will mix when used in a pure way and it packs a punch when on it's own. But with blending though it behaves a bit different and I don't seem to get the desired outcome.


I don't seem to have this problem with any other colour and I work with many varieties of those as well. Very strange.


I have no answer here and I'm not sure there is. Only rhetorical. I would expect paint manufactures know this. I did buy a massive tube of yellow a long while ago and it's still going strong - don't need much at all. It just spreads. 












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