New series of work

March 22, 2018


It's been a little while since I've posted in here. Time to say something again!


Finally there's a new series of work under way - the Creation V series. Currently there's three complete with some more on the way. Potentially there could be another five. (The studio is filling up with more canvases right now. I have four more waiting to go/being worked on as well. I like working on multiple paintings at once!)


I'm staying with the 'space' and 'nebula' themes for now. The whole space and nebula look thing has caught me and forms the backbone of my current portfolio. I'm keeping with it for now. In this series I've again kept with a 'controlled palette'. Something I enjoy. I've also kept with the larger size canvases - the same as the Creation IV series. Before I was using smaller ones. I prefer the slightly larger size. One day I'd like to get back to the 'larger' ones - 100cm x 100cm plus. We'll see where things go.


Enjoy the new series. 



'Fish Soup'









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