Privacy Policy


The John Bracey Fine Art website administration will do it's best to keep safe and secure any personal data submitted when using this site.

At no point ever will personal data be used by or passed on to any third party without the explicit consent from the submitting party.


Personal data is only ever recorded in the website administration system or email system. No personal data is recorded anywhere else, physically, electronically or otherwise.

At any time you can request to have any personal data removed from the website administration and/or email systems.


Where on the site can personal data be submitted?

There are two places on the website where personal data can be submitted.

The two places are:

  • The Shop

  • The Contact Form


What data can the site record?

Via The Shop


When purchasing from the online shop certain personal data is mandatory to process the financial payment.

The following personal data recorded is:

  • Shipping Name and Address

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Phone number

  • Billing Name and Address (if different from the shipping ones)


At no point are any actual card details seen or kept by this sites administration. The site administration CANNOT see AND DOES NOT have access to this information. 

Via the Contact Form

When submitting an enquiry using the contact form the following personal data is recorded:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Message *

*The 'Message' is not deemed as technically personal data. However though, information entered may be considered personal data by the submitter and therefore is treated as such by the site administration.

Definition of specific terms

'Site Administration' - anyone who has access to either the website administration system or email system. 


'Personal data' - any submitted information via this website that should not be seen or used by a third party without the explicit consent of the submitter.


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